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About Us

Our goal is not only to give the finest possible training in dance, but also guide our students toward developing their minds and personalities through learning self-discipline, responsibility, mental alertness and working with others, with the final result being a positive self image. We feel these things build character and will help our students grow toward a happy and fulfilled adulthood!

We do have a competition company of dancers that dancers may join as they progress. We attend a few competitions and conventions or master class workshops through the year as well as host classes and camps at our studio through the summer. 


Your children are our foremost interest and we ask for your cooperation in helping us to bring them to their fullest potential. It is our desire not only to teach them dance but to play a strong and a positive role in their development. I think our reputation speaks for us, but remember, we can only accomplish these things with parental cooperation. We thank you for choosing to share your children with us and we pledge our complete dedication to you and to them.

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